Distance: 44km

Today we gave up.

Semur en Auxois looks great in postcards, so we hope our photos will do it some justice for you. Let you imagine for just a moment that you were there with us, in the medieval city, tired legs juxtaposed with wide eyes marveling at a town straight from a fairy tale.  

Venteux Montbard was blowing a gale, so, stinky, tired, wet and dirty we pulled into the city, after only 45kms. 

Montbard welcomed us with rain, pouring driving rain, but luckily we found some shelter, and cooked our packaged poulet curry riz. This time it wasn't so good, somehow it reminded me of a cold cheese burger from McDonalds, but the baguette was delicious.

Next, we found the cheapest hotel in the city, stashed our gear in the small room beside a canal of gently floating green water, and still dirty and stinky, eagerly set about exploring the towns patisseries. 

Sadly, the flan we devoured just didn't match up to the reining king, although we had entertained high hopes of it replacing the champ. So we search on, marching through the patisseries of France in hope of the perfect flan!!

What about you? Ever find that perfect flan, burger, pasta, dessert? 
Kimmy Pappas

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Just wanted to let you know your blog has been the most captavating reading I have ever experienced!! So many exciting adventures with good friends and food, your trip seams to have turned out so well. Keep it up and take care. Love kimmy


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