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(Note: September 2012 - I just found this in the drafts for this blog- seems we didn't finish this one and post it... so here it is anyway.

Distance: 80km on bike
45km on bus

Sam didn't sleep well.
Feeling unwell again.

Terrible wind! First break at 7km.
How could we make it 100km to San Quintin?

Rode hard into wind. Managed to do 24km/h

Stopped for coke in small town.

At 51km mark Sam exhausted.

Got a bus. At first just us. Bus dies. New bus. Quickly fills.

Get out.

Cheap food.

Decide to ride to San Maria - beach.

Go the wrong way. An hour to dark. No hotels.

backtrack - through mud, over sand.

Find a resort.

Expensive and not that great.

Sam is up half the night. Sick again. Very sick.