Train part 2 - Chicago to Portland - Sam and Shanna's world adventures

In Chicago we ran out of the train station and jumped into a water taxi that took us slowly up the river and through the beautiful windy city. 

The boat ride was fun, and gave us the chance to see the city from an angle we might never have gotten otherwise. Actually, although it didn't live up to its 'windy city' moniker, we decided that this one one of the most beautiful cities we've seen anywhere in the world!

Running back to the station we collected our bags and prepared to board a different train.

Chicago to Portland took about 47 hours. 

Might sound like hell to some people, but we think it was a fantastic journey, well worth a sore neck from sleeping in a chair for two nights (or three in total for us).

Check out the photos, I think they are some of our best ever.

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