Distance - 70km

Cycling to Hua HIn, seaside village.

Saw crazy accident.

Read about seaside village - not so much a village - SO busy

Horses on the beach

Rocks in the water - NOT good swimming, cut our feet, beach is chaos, so many people...

So many old men with young Asian women...

3rd class train carriage at 12:10am. SO uncomfortable. Horrible experience/ fantastic experience (Shanna/Sam)_ But that is how the locals do it.

Train was packed. Arrive 5am.

Riding through Bangkok in the dark. 11kms to hotel, one way streets.

Get to hotel we'd booked - The Atlanta (very strange,budget, art deco, in disrepair), not allowed in with our bikes.

Where do we go now?
4/3/2010 03:56:47 pm

happy easter, love to hear from u, just did 85 km yesterday and 51 km today average 33.3, trying to get ready to go around the bay next year! some of those animals look pre-historic, crazy, take care

4/3/2010 07:06:29 pm

So, where did you guys go? Love picture 12! How funny. I hope you had a good Easter!! I LOVE reading your blog, keep up the terrific pedalling.


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