We spent a few days on the island of Bintan, enjoying the last of the cheap thrills of Indonesia and building our strength, trying to recover from our respective ills, Shanna a head and chest cold and Sam the Indonesian special, the squirts...

We only planned on staying a day, but the first bombshell was to realise Sam's wheel was buckled due to a broken spoke. We needed to find a Mavic wheel dealer (not likely in Bintan) and they would probably have to order the spoke from the US or Europe.

Just when that was all resolved, and after hours of internet searches, emails and phone calls we found a bike shop in Singapore that had the spoke we needed in stock, the cold Shanna had been fighting turned into a stomach flu and she spent a night throwing up the delicious rice and squid we'd eaten for dinner. So we had to stay another day before tackling the trip to Singapore.

All in all we made the most of our last days in Indonesia - We met some fantastic people, one of them at the gym, aeating delicious, cheap meals; getting amazing massages (for Aus $6); and seeing the local sights, like Penyengat and Senggarang islands. When it came time to catch our ferry to Singapore we were a little sad to be leaving Indonesia, but mostly we were ready for Singapore!

3/5/2010 04:56:47

Hope you are over your health issues. Great to hear from you it has been a while. Luv you lots


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