Distance- 115km

Whitchurch to Hereford

Weather- Perfect! No seriously!

Scenery- Green, farms and stuff, small towns, no more camp sites, more farms, lots of cars on one road. Hereford is a nice 'historic market town,' (every town in England is a historic market town!)... a bit boring actually.

On the day before yesterday we rode a very long way, and then we went up a very big hill because a jolly fat lady said so, when it was getting night, at the end of the day, and then we tried to find a free campsite, but it was getting night and we couldn't see, but we finally found one, in a forest, in the trees, and then we got to sleep, and then I was exhausted and not asleep, and then the owls woke me up, calling to each other, they wouldn't stop making noises, and then I fell back to sleep, but then I woke up again, because I needed to do a pee, so I had to get out of the tent, and then I when I was doing a pee I stepped on a slug and it was gooey, and then... and then when I woke up in the morning I was so damn tired. And then we still had to ride another hundred kilometers to get to Pontypridd in Wales. A real country, with real things, and real people... But no real Government, and funny accents. 

But it was good. Because then...

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