So this entry is out of order… sorry. We will go back and fill in the gaps, but this one couldn’t wait for us to get our act together and catch up.

Sorry if it makes no sense, and is rambling… My brain is in slow motion. However I promised everyone an explanation today, so here it is- the abridged version of the past ten days.

On the day we’re up to in our narrative, Sam started to feel sick again… At first it was tired muscles, that we could attribute to not enough sleep. But halfway through the day we couldn’t ignore it – he has always been able to ride through it, but not this time. He just sat there, deflated. But I’m putting in too much detail – all of this will be explained in the complete account.

After pushing our bikes through muddy sand dunes we ended up in a place called Santa Marie. Not the thriving beach town we’d been anticipating, but rather a resort in the middle of nowhere.

Overnight the illness grew worse, and Sam hardly slept. The next day involved an ill-fated move to the small, run-down hotel down the beach (think Mexican fiesta starting at 9pm). Sam had been shivering for hours, his fever was burning and he was slightly delirious. It was worse than China, and I was anxious.

Back at the resort we stayed put out of necessity. Sam was too weak to travel even a short distance and we were far away from any civilized towns.

He has been through so much already on this trip!

So we decided first of all that we had to get back to the USA rather than delving deeper into Mexico and, secondly, to return home where Sam could get the treatment he needs to actually recover from this!

Which brings us to the climax of this abbreviated tale…

Although, come to think of it, I really am too tired and my brain can’t cope with any more thoughts today.

Angela Fordham
11/22/2010 04:13:36 pm

Sorry to hear Sam is sick again! So it looks like you are coming home early....Yea!!!!!!! Hope you have a homecoming bash! Looking forward to the rest of your entries.

11/22/2010 04:41:55 pm

Guys, I am so sorry to hear that Sam isn't well. Hope he is on the mend really soon. My thoughts are with you guys. You're so brave to get to Mexico, you should be so proud of how far youve come.

Lisa Dalley
11/22/2010 05:49:09 pm

OMG.... IS EVERYTHING OK? Are you guys home already?????

11/23/2010 08:18:07 am

i was hoping u guys just got sick of blogging. sorry to hear about sam again.

11/23/2010 08:39:45 am

Grill'd always helps me when I'm feeling sick.

11/23/2010 01:34:44 pm

Oh Shan, it was still painful in China...that's why I'm sure you made the good decision. We'll see each other in Melbourne. Welcome back home.
PS We got the card yestetday! Our first postcard in Australia!

Andy M
11/23/2010 07:16:10 pm

I hope Sam is feeling better - can't wait to see you and hear abut your adventures! xxx

Gary Mac
11/25/2010 08:01:58 am

I hope that things are on the improve.

Vince FM
11/25/2010 10:33:54 am

Hope Sam feels better soon. Be careful in Mexico. Safe travels the rest of the way. What an amazing trek.


Vince from Boston

Alan Common
11/29/2010 05:16:53 pm

Hi Sam and Shanna, sorry to hear Sam's not been feeling to well and now yous are back home safe get well soon (Sam)
What you have achieved has been fantastic and I feel privileged to have met you on your travels. Remember if you two come back to the Bedlington in Northumberland I am sure we will bump into each other. Once again well done!


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