Distance: 78km

Yesterday it was sunny. 

We rode a long way. 

There was a lot of hills. 

We had some lunch. 

It was good, half a chicken with mashed, roasted, boiled and wedged potatoes, carrots and cauliflower. 

But Shanna ate most of that, hungry little animal. And Shanna had something else too, but I don’t remember what it was because I don’t care. 

Then we rode to a beach. 

It was near Courtown, where a ship that left Liverpool with 328 Irishmen bound for great new lives in America sunk. Not one of them lived.

And so then, being dense, and being Australian, we decided to swim in the Irish sea, Saint Georges Channel, the bit of water that separates Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, from the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Wales, (and Northern Ireland). 

Yep, confused myself there too. 

And after I’d swum in the Irish sea my nipples were stinging, because it was really, really cold. 

So then we set up the tent near the beach. 

And then we went to sleep.  

But then I woke up because my sleeping bag was wet, and it wasn’t from incontinence, I stopped doing that three years ago.

So then our tent was flooded again because it is no longer waterproof. 

So, at 2am I got out the tarp and covered the tent, and mopped up the water. 

But then it got really, really windy. 

So then I thought we were going to get blown into the Irish sea. 

But then I was so tired that I didn’t care if we got blown into the Irish sea or not and so then, I just fell asleep. 

But then I woke up again because I had to take a whiz. 

And then I was scratching a lot and going crazy, and that was because I had fleas. 

Probably still do. 

Crack up! Dunb about the tent! Its hasn't really lost its waterproof qualities has it? What a crock! Surely it would still be under warranty! Silly yanks.


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