Distance - 127km

Near Peebles- to Ecclefechan via Moffat and Loch (lake) St Mary

Apparently we rode 127km yesterday. I guessed 110km, and Shanna guessed 90, but google maps assures us it was 127. So we'll take it!

Anyway, today we really did swim in Scotland, in a Loch, and it was bloody cold. As expected Shanny freaked out and yelled at me while I was laughing. It was all well worth it though, the loch turned out to be a massive inland lake with slippery cold rocks on the bottom and apparently a gigantic man eating Loch Ness Monster that can be seen on full moon... But trust me kids, he's a friendly fella this one, he doesn't eat young boys or girls, just grumpy old fiery haired Scotts with big bellies!

As you can see from some of the photos there was a fair bit of sun today, but I can tell you that it was still really cold, particularly when the sun was hidden by cloud.

For lunch we stopped at a small cafe beside the loch, where we sat by the bay windows and enjoyed a burger with chips and a panini with brie, chicken, cranberry and salad- good choice Shanny. If you haven't tried the 'bird and brie' burger at 'Grilled' in Australia then get out there tonight and give it a shot- we believe it's one of the best burgers you can get anywhere!

In the evening we cycled into Moffat, and availed ourselves of some free wifi at one of the many Pubs. 

While I was ordering some food, a baked potato with sweet corn, brie, butter, beef, red onions and capsicums, carrot and green stuff, I was mocked by a couple of the local Scottish 'lads' for my accent. I didn't understand the first one, the accent was a bit too strong for everyone to grasp I think, but the second laughed in reply saying; 
'thinks ee's fom' Osford dis one ay.' 
Quick as I could I snapped back, 'she'll be right mate, that's what ya get when ya from the Land Down Under, bloody crocs everywhere ya look.' 
And laughing at my own joke I walked back to our table. 

By 8:30pm we finally cycled through Ecclefechan, the proud home of Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish writer and historian, and saw his famous resting place. Here we witnessed a few guys feeding beer to young kids who were flipping the bird to unsuspecting motorists as they drove by outside the town meeting centre (the pub). 

From here, with a fresh perspective we pushed into the caravan park on the other side of the little town (not the expensive one 2 miles away near the Castle). 

It cost only 8 quid, and we enjoyed a spot all by ourselves in the middle of a huge grassy park. Setting up the tent we were treated to a spectacular light show as the sun set over the Scottish countryside. 

Looking out over Ecclefechan I imagine I can see what drew Thomas Carlyle to this small town, its beautiful small streets and buildings, and the gorgeous countryside that surrounds them, and I'm going to hazard a guess that it didn't have much to do with the wanka's outside the pub.
8/30/2010 01:09:23 am

Waouw !! Your pictures are so beautiful! Maybe we should change our itinerary to go throught Scotland... ;-)

Hope you're fine. XX.

8/31/2010 02:11:31 pm

Wow Sammy and Shan swimming in Scotland you two have guts!!!! Woooooo feeling the goose bumps rise ..

9/2/2010 12:17:06 pm

Such a wrong time to read this! It's lunch time and that food sounds so delish! I'll have to be happy with my soup...
Its great to be able to read up on what you guys are up too!!!


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