Distance: 71km

We slept well, the best sleep we'd had for ages. Our legs felt like they might have actually recovered a little.

One our way up the big hill out of Tramore we stopped in a snack shop. While the lady made us a smoothie she asked questions about the trip, and commented that it was like talking to celebrities... 'Wow, I can't believe it,' she said 'I'm talking to celebrities, wow, your like superstars or somethen.' 

'More like or somethen,' I replied.

But now Sam thinks he's some kind of superstar... It was hard to drag him away from such a beautiful little town, where we had a good nights sleep, and people think he is a celebrity.

It was another day filled with amazing scenery and constant hills. I wonder (constantly out loud) if Ireland actually has any flat roads, it seems we're always going either up or down.

While we ate our rolls with ham outside a supermarket in the middle of nowhere, rain started to fall and the temperature plummeted. We put on our jackets and set off again, only to peel off the layers a couple of kilometres down the road in the hot sun. It's like that constantly. The weather changes in a moment from hot and sunny to cold and rainy. It certainly keeps things interesting.

One of our favourite moments of the day was stopping at a beautiful graveyard by the sea, and seeing the ruins of Tintern abbey across the boggy river. We stopped to sit on a bench in the sun. Wait, now the bench is in the shade...

Late in the day we found the perfect camp site in an open field by the road. We camped under a huge old tree and slept peacefully, despite our fears it would rain.

Special mention: to Sam for taking such awesome photos every day - usually from the seat of his bike while he's riding!
9/13/2010 02:44:35

CELEBRITY!!!!??? Contrary to popular belief Maybe Sams head has room for growth after all!! :)

We agree Shan, hats off to Sammy for the amazing photo's!! Can't wait to see the whole slide show!

Ireland looks beautiful.. would love to tour it... in a car!

9/20/2010 15:24:25

not just a celebrity, a superstar celebrity...

absolutely, keep wielding that camera Sam - you might claim otherwise but i know there's a cartier-bresson lurking inside! and shanna too!


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