We woke up in the morning and despite the sky still looking ominous the rain had stopped. Unfortunately though the wind was still blowing, and it was cold.

It was hard getting going again, packing up our gear and the tent whilst knowing we'd be riding into a head wind, I tried not to think about it. 

Additionally, the bike was still making a worrying grinding noise. If only I could figure out what it is...

Pushing at the pedals as hard as I can, but only going about 10 kilometers per hour. The rain starts, then stops, then hammers down and we get soaked, so soaked that we try putting the tarp up between some trees, even with our rain jackets on we feel wet to the bone... can't believe how cold it is!!! 

Maybe we've just gone soft from being in hot climates for so long?!? At one point we have to stop for an hour, the wind is so strong we can't actually ride forwards.

Approaching the outskirts of Lausanne we see a beautiful lake, framed by the mountains which surround it; Switzerland really is a beautiful country, and despite our present struggles on the bikes we wouldn't change coming here for a second. I guess that from the large amount of other cyclists on the roads braving the rain and wind we're not alone with that opinion

Riding around the lake we see a shower, it looks freezing but we drop our bikes and hurriedly strip off behind some bushes. Wowwweee, it is cold, but hey, its definitely worth it to feel clean again.  

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