Distance - 61km

We stayed overnight in Pak Chong, where the streets were filled with people of all ages enjoying a massive party. 

We slept in and decided to ride later in the day, when the temperature dropped. The bulk of the day was spent enjoying the festival with the locals - getting water thrown over us, clay rubbed on our faces and clothes, and watching people dance in the streets.

We laughed so much and had such a great time - it was definitely our best day in Thailand.

The day just got better as the air was cool as we rode out of Pak Chong, and we even had a tailwind for the 55km we rode before it grew dark. We rode up some great hills, had a magnificent view of a lake as we sailed downhill, and all the while we waved and laughed with the Thai people we passed.
4/18/2010 06:36:14 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun. Keep smiling

Kimmy Pappas
4/19/2010 02:19:19 pm

Taiwanese festivals are certainly different from action packed battles to communal cooking to water fights and clay face painting! Wish I was there. Its great to hear you guys are enjoying yourselves, since you are leaving the country soon you it will be nice to remember some unusual but fun experiences. well wishes to both you are your bikes :)

Trevor Evans
4/20/2010 11:53:36 pm

Hi Sam and Shanna, We think about you everyday and are always excited to tell friends where you are and what you are doing. We are glad that you are safe and seem to be having a fascinating and happy journey. Definitely the fittest two in the family now - but don't tell Camilla I said that.


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