Luckily we chanced upon a cheap (and sometimes you get what you pay for...) hotel, 2000 Lek, or about $20 Australian dollars. Maybe we could have gotten an even better deal, but it was dark, and we were both exhausted, so we were happy to settle.

We spent the following day exploring Sarande and its many Banks, we've never seen this many banks anywhere... Another thing that amazed us about this seaside Albanian town is the bizarre proliferation of unbuilt houses and hotels here, its as though people come up with great ideas, begin building them and then suddenly get bored (or run out of money) and just pick up and leave.

Being so close to Greece, many hotels and restaurants here have been styled in a Greek format, and Greek food, although in its own special Albanian variation is common. We found a small place by the beach where we had two big ice-cream/gelato's, and three gyro's, think kebab in Australia for about five aussie dollars, cheap by any standards.

And after we'd feasted, whilst riding along the coast I spotted a gym, packed with people staring at each other, (or was it just the one guy who tried to kick me off a weight bench he wanted...) but the first gym I'd seen since China (where the only gym I found wanted to charge me $36). Fortunately this place was a bargain, these guys only wanted 200 Lek ($2)- so I spent the next hour and a half killing myself... 

It was a bit of a reality check, 'aint what she used to be' I guess. Despite this it was great to get back in the gym, and when we left we picked up some Kos; a plain Albanian yogurt- a little like Greek yogurt but I think better, that seems to be almost everywhere here, and for only 50 cents a tub. 

We rode back up the 10-15% graded hill, again in the dark, and stayed up late.
6/24/2010 01:22:27 am

hey guys awesome to hear where ur at. good to hear ur bak in the gym u can start catching up to devon, hes massive now, 120kg at 6% body fat (they've made a new protein filled icecream) and they've put creatine in sunkist. haha. btw i wont be offended if u dont post.
its awesome that ur already in albania. i was wondering, do u guys ever think "mayb we could just ditch the bikes and bus and train the rest of the way"?
sounds like ur getting a bit healthier, its always great to read the posts. catch u guys soon. kory

6/29/2010 12:22:57 pm

He he I knew someone was going to comment on Sam going to the gym lol nice one Kory! Devon sounds massive woooow and are you kidding about the protein icecream because that sounds crazy... Sam looks like your body building days are long gone.. Cycling is much better anyway those guys look kind of scary and im pretty sure cycling is healthier for your package especiallly if you are planning on having kids in the near future looks like you could have made the right decision to convert... maybe just in time.


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