Distance- 86km

The weather was awesome today. 

We said our good-byes to Mary Lou and left 'the Toaster' just after lunch.

The wind was strong but it was mostly a cross or tail wind, and sometimes we'd go round a bend in the road and suddenly it would feel like we were flying. 

Aside from a couple of problems with my rear derailleur, that I think now I have finally fixed, the ride from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz went like a dream. The road followed the beautiful coastline all the way down, and with a large shoulder there was plenty of room to ride on the road.

It only took us about three hours of riding, and in the afternoon we rolled into Santa Cruz, a really cool looking beach town.

Anne Clough
10/27/2010 07:46:15 am

Hi guys!
Where are you heading to next, after California?
I read somewhere you were doing Mexico and Central America. Is that still the plan?
I know you wanted to stop in Florida. Do you think you will get there?


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