Distance- 66km

By the time we left San Simeon at noon the wind had picked up again. But the beauty of the coast helped us to forget our aching legs and before we knew it we were in San Luis Obispo, but not before an Asian motorist tried to run us off the road, twice.

After I paid for my burrito I waited for twenty minutes before asking if my burrito was still coming. 

'We already gave it to you!' 
'No you didn't, that's why I'm still waiting.' 
'Yes we did, we already make it. We gave it to you! 

Shanny demanded my burrito. 'You never gave him the damn burrito' she said, and they hurriedly made me one.

What would I do without you Shanny? 

I don't know how people do this cycle touring thing alone, they sure are tough!
11/22/2010 01:49:01 pm

Go Shanna!


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