Distance: 42km

It was another cold, misty morning on the Californian coast.

And the hills continued to take us up over small coves, around inlets and back down to the shore.

It was one of our cheapest eating days for a while, because the towns were so small there was nowhere to really eat. All we could do was stop at the small markets and buy some fruit, milk, eggs and the camping staple- a can of chilli and beans... 

We didn't make it far past the town of Tomales. Our legs were still tired and the day had somehow run away from us. 

Just outside the town we rode over a large bridge spanning a gently flowing river; we looked up and dark rain clouds were threatening, so we decided to check it out. This section of highway 1 was so quiet, and the few cars that passed over weren't very loud, so we decided to make camp.

While preparing food I noticed a car up on the hills, and a person seemed to be looking down, watching us. Did they have binoculars? I looked up at them for a while... and eventually they moved on.

Then I spotted them further around on another ridge, looking in our direction again... Now I was starting to freak myself out. I saw them a third time, almost out of site... the car paused, then drove away. 

We've camped in many places like this around the world but this incident in such a remote part of America made me uneasy. 

I was only able to fall asleep that night because Sam was still up reading. But when I awoke in the night I was sure I heard splashing in the river and movement in the bushes.

10/20/2010 07:18:16 pm

Ooh Shan that freaks me out!!!!!!

Andy M
10/20/2010 09:08:11 pm

I hope it warms up soon! You are brave remaining at your camping site after the third incident - l would have been outta there! xxx

10/25/2010 08:15:42 am

I can't believe where you guys camp sometimes!!! It freaks me out. You guys amaze me more and more every day!!!


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