Thanks to Jamie and Adrian (and Mari and Jenny again for hooking us up) we had a place to stay while we were in San Diego. 

But it wasn't just any place to stay, it was almost a luxury retreat. Jamie and Adrian's apartment was part of a complex that included a pool, spa (hot tub), gym, sauna, tennis court, volleyball court and laundry.

We had a great time staying with you guys, thanks again.

Running around San Diego Shanny took some photos. Then, courtesy of Adrian we took a free cruise around the bay and took a few more photos. 

Hope you like them.

11/7/2010 07:27:22 pm

You are sure having a wonderful time, especially lovely to have a good rest after all that riding. Sam, did you feel sick on the boat ? Boston is counting the days to see you.

11/9/2010 09:22:09 am

Congrats as you near the finish. Safe travels


Vincent from Boston (Hub on Wheels ride)

11/22/2010 01:40:34 pm

The Seals are awesome! I didn't realize there would be so many in such warm weather!


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