Thanks everyone for all your well wishes for Sam. We are safely back in Melbourne now and he is doing much better already!

We still don't know what it was, waiting to get some tests done next week. 

We are currently staying with Sam's parents and had a wonderful reunion with Boston - he barked his head off at us and wasn't too impressed to see us. But after taking him for a few runs and throwing the ball for him he loves us again. I don't think he remembered us at first, but after a few days I am pretty sure he does now.

I am returning to work in a week and a half - earlier than planned, but since we are home and looking for somewhere to live it seemed to make sense. I will be working with my friend in our Kew office for a couple of months before going back to my normal job.

I am meant to be looking at rental homes today, but it is pouring rain and I would need to ride my bike for about 45 mins to get to the area we're looking at... and I'm feeling soft now.

So we are slowly settling back into Australian life and the exorbitant price of everything from drinks to houses, fruit to cars, and clothes to electronics. 

12/22/2010 11:07:51 am

When Sam and Shanna finally arrived home to our place in East Ringwood, Melbourne, having ridden over 50km in stinking heat with serious excess baggage from Melbourne Airport, they rested for a short time, unpacked, had a reunion with Boston and Cole and then - just for something different ... you guessed it ... went for a ride. Shocked I was to discover the weight of their bikes with all gear still loaded. How they rode 20km with all that gear I'll never understand. So whilst we rest and recline over Christmas, no doubt they'll be finding another mountain to climb.


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