Running on empty - Sam and Shanna's world adventures
Distance: 70km

Six hours sleep would have been a dream!

Instead, it was less than four.

Last night it was a mission just eating our food, the raccoons were out and they were baying for blood! Either that or just our meagre rations!

At about 5am the crazy lady and her German friend started yelling at each other again... the German man was out and about, shuffling around in the bags, yelling at racoons... he was dressed and ready to ride, but the crazy lady was still in her tent.

After an hour of listening to them we decided we might as well get going. 

Tired and cold, we decided to avoid these camping sites in the future. We think we'll return to wild (free) camping for a few days...

We rode up the hill to get out of the campground just as the sun was rising. It was actually quite nice to watch the world grow light, and the roads were so quiet... we could almost appreciate the early start. 

But we were so tired and our legs hadn't recovered.

The day is all a bit of a blur - ride to small town, eat a little food, ride to small town... Oh - all of it up and down mountains of course.

We passed some spectacular scenery... but we were so exhausted.

About 2pm we stopped in Jenner and ate some food... after an hour of sitting there we decided to buy some supplies and then just find somewhere to camp. The thought of riding another 10 miles over the hills to the next town was too much.

Just outside of town we found some overhanging trees on state park land, that weren't actually part of the touristy state park site. Perfect. We collapsed and struggled to stay awake (slept on a tarp) for the few hours until it was dark, and we could safely set up the tent....

10/19/2010 23:36:48

I feel so sorry for you both. I wouldn't have been to ride after 4hrs of sleep. You are both Champions. I love the pics of the black diamond 2.
Keep up the terrific work!


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