Day 1 in Malaysia - 92km
Day 2 - 80km
Weather - hot and humid, constantly

Reading about Malaysia you read a lot about the food. And our trip has so far proven that they talk about food for a reason.

Whether it be fresh bananas, corn on the cob or Indian curries, the food here has been delicious and cheap. We've stopped at many roadside stalls to buy snacks and meals and each time we've been greeted by friendly people and tempting smells.

We've also found that more people speak English here than in Singapore, which is strange given that Singapore is meant to be English speaking... and the people here don't treat us like freaks, but are very warm and welcoming. They ask many questions but in a genuine way. We are not usually beeped at or yelled at from cars and trucks, and neither do the drivers of both seem intent on hitting us, as was the case in Indonesia. All in all, aside from the heat and inconsistent road condition (pot holes and bumps)cycling in Malaysia has been great.

We've met great people, like the cyclist  working at the service station (hope you went well in your Mountain Bike race yesterday!) who insisted on paying for our drinks, and then bought us an extra bottle of water and can of Red Bull), the McDonalds employee who saw that we didn't have enough money for our meal and chipped in a dollar of his own, and the guys selling corn who went and bought a bottle of sprite and some ice for us because they didn't have any cold drinks. And then there was the girl working at the hotel who gave us a discount on our room ($40 Malaysian, around $13.50AU)  because she was worried we would hear noise from the 24 hour 7-11 across the road (we didn't).

Our third day  in Malaysia we had made it to Muar, were  we were planning to arise early and clock up some big kms the next day.

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