We stayed at the resort for 3 nights (2 days) and left at 7.30am on the morning of the third day to catch a ferry to Krabi. During our short time on the island we went snorkelling and swam to a nearby island, went on a sea kayakiing tour to some remote islands where we kayaked into a fascinating sea cave, ate lots of cheap and delicious food, swam in the pool for many hours, fed some monkeys pineapple and water melon from a boat and caught up on some sleep.
Anne Clough

Glad you had the problem with your cards sorted.
Sounds like you are having a relaxing time, at last.
Have fun, love you.
PS Kayt and the two Nannies received their postcards.

Andy M

Love it! I love the last pic's of the wet monkey's. Are these the same monkey's following you on your biking adventure? (I'm sure their were monkey's earlier in your trip....). Enjoy your rest days!


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