Distance: 68km

From our camping spot inside the bridge we could see a McDonalds sign in the distance, and determined to head there for breakfast. Riding in the direction of the golden arches we realised we had also found the road to Salerno, the one which had evaded us the night before.

The McDonalds was closed - didn't open until 11 - which was something we'd never heard of, so we ate bagettes and custard filled croissants from the service station next door. 

We chose an alternate route to Salerno to avoid some long mountain roads featured on the map - but the road we travelled undulated all day anyway.

We saw some of the most beautiful buildings we'd encountered yet, when we went through the town of Brienza, at 700m elevation. But the name made me think of my family's cat...

After Brienza we went down a 15% gradient road, waving to the guys struggling uphill on their lightweight road bikes. We were glad to be going downhill for once.

We'd battled strong headwinds and high temperatures all day, so we stopped early near the town of Auletta to camp near a beautiful river. We swam, letting the current carry us in small rapids, i a beautifully cool clean and fresh river, one Sam has dreamt about since, and watched young guys fishing from a hidden cave, think grotto, built hundreds of years ago into the side of the rivers cliff...

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