Rain in the mountains - Sam and Shanna's world adventures
Distance: 48km

Our planned sleep-in was disturbed by some people jackhammering the road outside the hotel. It forced us out in pursuit of food. The small shop across the road had some basics - so we ate more Kos and unripe nectarines.

When the noise stopped, we went back to sleep. Our legs still ached and the bed was so comfortable.

We had a choice - stay another day, but ride down the mountain to the town get food and ride back up to the hotel; or ride down the other side and keep going. We decided to hit the road.

It was a late start, but it had been raining and stormy for a couple of days so the air was cool as we wound our way around and up and down through the villages along the road. Luckily the road was paved. We (and our bikes) were grateful.

As we rode we could see the beautiful coastline, but we were too high up to be able to enjoy swimming or camping by the water. As the rain fell constantly all afternoon, it didn't really matter.

In the late afternoon we stopped in a small mountain village and asked around for a hotel. We negotiated a price for a room and ate cereal and boiled eggs for dinner.

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