Sorry there have been no recent posts - there is limited internet so far on Jave. But as we near Jakarta (only about 900km to go) hopefully we'll see more.

We spent two days riding to the ferry terminal in Bali then caught a ferry to Java. The past two days in Java have been HOT!!! Luckily the north coast road that we are taking has been fairly flat, hills are a killer in this heat.

We are sick of cars beeping at us, men oggling at Shanna like she was Jennifer Hawkins riding in a bikini and sick of Nasi Goreng! But the people are so friendly and the landscape beautiful - more stories and photos coming soon!
2/18/2010 06:48:40 am

Great to hear from you and hope you are enjoying your trip, We love the photos and story thus far and what happened to the monkey ??? Joel and Dad are working on the ensuite today. They took Boston for a big run yesterday along the trail. I'm thinking you will be over Noodle Box when you get home.


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