Finally Monday came and we headed back to the bank in central Ayutthaya.

We had been given no indication what time the man with the special ATM opening key would arrive (and as many shops were closed we feared he might not) so we got to the bank at ten when they opened and prepared to wait for a few hours, maybe even make a bit of noise to ensure they'd want to get rid of us. It was New Years Eve and the bank would be closed for the next four days.

The day before the tooth I'd had work done on at the dentist here began sending painful shock through my mouth any time I took a drink or a bite of something.

Being a Sunday the dentist wasn't open so I figured I'd go back on the Monday whilst we were waiting at the bank- it's next door. I wandered on over and saw a big sign on the door in Thai. I couldn't read it but it was easy enough to work out that it said they'd be closed until Saturday. That throws yet another spanner in the works...

2:30am and the key man turns up- sweet, at least we've got the card back. 

So we wondered, what do we do now... As much as we loved Ayutthaya for the first few days, we were now thoroughly sick of it and desperate to be on the road again. But at the same time my tooth felt as though it was gradually getting worse and we're headed to Laos, Southern China, Tibet and Nepal next, and not a whole lot in between. So what to do... We ummed and arred for a while and then just decided to go. 

Back on the bikes and the sun is streaming down onto our white skin, there's no relief, and we'd truly forgotten how hot it is to be on the bike for a long time. It also doesn't help that April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand and it's 40 degrees. Over the following 4 hours we drink about four litres of water each and only make about 60km on the bumpy roads.

But it feels great, finally our muscles are hurting and the sweat is poring off us again. And when we find a nice little hotel on the side of the road, with wifi, a nice clean bed and beautiful cold shower we smile and think about how much we'd been missing this life.

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