Distance: 57 km's (and a few more on a ferry).
Weather: Sauna hot

Got up early in the morning, about 6am, carried our bikes and our panniers down stairs, slammed some breakfast down between 7am and 7.30 (a whole lot of breakfast, omelettes, juice, muesli, yoghurt, fresh pineapple and watermelon, sausages, pancakes, potato's, toast, and that was just the first 3 plates...lol), jumped straight on our bikes and left the beautiful (and great value) Kaw Kwang Resort behind. 

Got to the ferry terminal in 15 minutes, purchased our tickets, lifted our bikes (man am I sick of lifting the bikes!!!) onto the ferry and by 8am we were on our way to Krabi. 

The ferry ride was fantastic, no more bumpy seas, no more sick stomach (except the runs of course, which we have had for about 50% of our time in South east Asia), and a nice boat with plenty of room to stretch out. Almost 3 hours later and we'd landed on the Thai mainland. 

First thing we did from here was ride our bikes down the 50 meter long ferry terminal past everyone else, that was fun. And then we went searching for a map of Thailand (we had one for Malaysia which was a great help).

We were unsuccessful so we looked on a map at a tour agents office and figured out which way we'd ride. Without a whole lot of thought we were on the road again, heading towards Chumphon, which we wouldn't reach for 4 days) almost 400 km's away, or something like that, I'm a little wasted right now (we just rode over 150kms and its bed time (9pm) so the mind isn't real quick right now... Ah, I hear what you're thinking, and I know, it's never been real quick, but tonight it's even slower.

So anyway, we rode until around 4pm (sunset is 6pm), found a cheap place to stay (around Australian $11) with aircon, ahhh the feeling of aircon after a hot as hell day riding a heavy bicycle on the road, I digress again, laid our heads down on some hard pillows, need I mention the bed was harder than a rock, and drifted off into a nice peaceful sleep... That was until we were woken by about 4 roosters at 4am (This is common so we are getting used to it.)

Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement, it keeps us going and gives us something to smile about when the road is hot and our legs are burning. 
Peter N
3/24/2010 18:02:35

I saw Boston the other day. I think he was saying something like 'I remember you...where are my parents? Are they back from Holiday yet?'.

Keep up the good work!

3/24/2010 18:48:43

You are amazing. We are really enjoying your journal and hope you guys are well. You are both so strong wow! We are keeping the prayers going for your safety. A bit of political unrest in Thailand according to the news. Love you Mum xxx


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