Distance: 33km

In the morning we found the archaelogical site of Pompeii.

When we learned that we were able to ride our bikes through the massive site we went back and retrieved them. 

Then we spent almost three hours perusing the incredible ruins of this once thriving city, now protected in the night by a pack of energetic dogs... Even on bicycles this was exhausting- never could we have comprehended the sheer size of the excavated city, the ancient buildings seemed to stretch on forever, you could spend days here and still not see everything.

Back on the road and headed towards Napoli through the narrow cobble stone streets. Riding these gives me a great respect for the cyclists who have competed on these over the past century, I agree Cadel, cobbles are far worse than pave (a small cobblesstone)... 

Just as these thoughts were rumbling around in my head and slam, a car door, a really big car door is opened onto me. A moment to react, I turn the bike just enough not to feel the full impact... My bag is ripped form my bike, a hole in the bottom, a small buckle, a broken box inside the bag, but I'm OK. Phew.

The rest of the day I ride scared, it is impossible to ride far enough from the parked cars in these narrow streets to avoid more possible doors, and there will be more (at this time we had already been lucky to avoid others).

We reach Napoli, relieved, sweating, and amidst the chaotic traffic we find the ferry terminal. 

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