Distance: 36km

In rained again through the night and took us a long time to dry everything enough to pack away. 

But soon enough we were back riding again, and this time downhill, which was fun. We even passed a few tractors this time. 

After cycling through Blighny-Sur Ouche we went up to Chazilly, followed by Creancy. Turning left from Creancy we ended up in Pouilly en Auxois, a beautifully scenic town filled with less beautifully scenic tourists. 

We stopped at the local patisserie, something we've been making a habit of doing lately, and bought two delicious cakes, both even more deliciously wrapped. 

Lunch was a simple affair, fresh hot roast chicken with a crunchy baguette and some nectarines, followed by our purchase from the patisserie. Wow, if only we could buy these elsewhere we thought as we bit into our deserts, smooth and creamy, perfectly scrumptious, I can almost taste the flavors, the perfect consistency as I'm envisioning them... 

We kept riding, and it kept raining, so we stopped about 6km from St Thibault, and camped under a bridge next to a canal full of sea monsters that couldn't stop splashing about. 


Mmmmmm I think I need a visit to the French Patisserie in South Croydon, (not quite France but I can imagine). Au revoir


That architecture is amazing! So beautiful! Like you mention, to think some of these structures have probably been there for hundreds even thousands of years, to think of the people who have lived & worked, laughed and cried, shed blood and sweat in these buildings.. simply amazing! I used to think travelling was a waste of money, you could see the sights in photo's and movies but now, after following your journey and thinking of your experiences I realise I am completely wrong.


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