Distance: 71km

Well, despite the strange title suggesting my excitement at the prospect of seeing the worlds greatest basketball player team up with two other massive stars, today was a tough day for me, maybe as much as the day Shanna wrote about two days ago.

For one, the dysentery (my chosen word for the runs) returned a few days ago. If you get this kind of thing when you are at home, living in a house it sucks, but at least its manageable. When you're on a bike, generally camping in the middle of nowhere, it makes life a little extra difficult.

It seems lately that no matter how much I eat, my energy levels are really low. And running off into the bushes to relieve myself of all the food I just ate really sucks.

Anyway, we both knew that Paris was only 71km and a short train ride away, so we kept riding, and finally made it to Boutigny. We tried to work out which train to catch, and where to change, or if we were even able to take our bikes on the train at this time of day, but it was harder than we thought. And to make matters worse, the ticket machine wouldn't take cash, and refused to accept either of our credit cards.

Luckily for us, a good samaritan came along with his Physics PHD (no really) and solved the problem for us, by using his credit card, buying us the right tickets, 20 Euro less than we would have payed for the wrong ones we tried to purchase. With no change to pay him I ran to the ATM to get out some money. Turning around, my bike was gone, I coulndn't see it anywhere, and where the heck was Shanna...?

Looking back I finally saw them on the other side of the station, holy smokes, how did they get my heavy bike over there I wondered...

Running back, down the stairs and up to the other side I made it just in time to get on the train. Phewww. Whewwww!!!! We're going to Paris!!!! 

An hour later, with some more help from Doctor Physics (sorry, we forget your name) we had arrived in Paris, and after Shanna ingeniously worked out how to use a public phone, our new warmshowers (a website for cyclists) friends were on there way to pick us up from the station, on bikes of course.
Riding through the beautiful streets of the city of love we...
Andy M
8/3/2010 08:34:32 pm

Hi Shan and Sam!

Keep going strong. You guys are truely amazing and in the second best place (home is always no.1) in the world Paris! I am so jealous! I loved the chocolate tarts there, they were delicious. I hope your tummy gets better soon Sam - your right there is nothing worst than that! Shan, just think even when your legs are tired, its still better than sitting in the old Bwood office!! I also love the pic's of where you have camped for the night, its terrific!
Stay Safe, strong and keep focused on living the dream!!
I can't wait to see you in another 6months! xxx

Gary Mac
8/3/2010 10:15:11 pm

Well done on reaching the famous city of Paris it really is a fantastic effort.

I continue to enjoy the pics and the commentary,and always look forward to reading a new update.

Hope you able to make time to soak up the atmosphere and the sights of this very famous city.

Again well done on your fantatstic achievement to date.

8/5/2010 11:22:57 pm

Riding through the beautiful streets of the city of love we...? We what?

Your heart must have skipped 0 beats when you looked back at the station to see Shan and all your things gone. WHat a fright! It sounds like you have fallen for Paris. Can't wait to see the full slide show and hear the live commentary.


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