One little road - Sam and Shanna's world adventures
Distance: 58km

Waking to the sound of the waves rolling along the beach and the sun rising was nice, pushing and carrying our bikes up the steep rocky path back to the road was not so nice. But of course it was worth it for getting to camp in such a beautiful spot.

But before we packed to leave we went for a swim in the ocean, again. Nice and cool, great start to the day.

After approx 20kms we came to Mellisio, a town with a post-office (were we sent some more things home), an internet cafe, two bike shops (the first we have seen in Greece) and a nice little supermarket.

All of a sudden it was almost lunch time so we headed off, only to be greeted by another incredible head wind. Wow, it is so hard riding into this kind of wind... so we stopped on the side of the road at an abandoned beach cafe, and went for another swim, and laid on the deck overlooking our own private beach...

When we got started again it was almost 5pm, and still the wind was strong and the sun high and hot. But after an hour or so of riding we rode through an incredible little village were the waves that had been strung up by the wind were crashing into the side of the road as we rode along, spray streaming through the air and sprinkling us as we rode past.

After a while we looked at each other, smiles on our faces, wondering at the amazement of such a road, by the ocean... if you close your eyes for a moment, maybe you can picture it too, the wind and the water spraying you through the twilight of the evening sun, the centuries old Greek villas lining the road on your right side, nothing but ocean on your left...
Gary Mac
6/16/2010 22:30:28

Great pics of the coast and a lot warmer than we have had in the North East (minus 2 the other morning) The snow has fallen for the opening of the season and the snow bunnies are making a bee line for the hills.

I think you guys have the better/warmer views. Look forward to the next entries.

6/17/2010 04:55:57

Hi Gary Mac! So excited to hear from you again. Means a lot that you're still following our journey :) Hope all is great for you! Enjoy the snow.


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