Distance: Yet to be determined, about 30 or so miles so far...

We woke in the morning to strong winds and rain. 

Out on the road and the rain was manageable, but our luck had changed and with it the wind, biting cold and blowing head on into us.

The wind was so strong that moving forward at any pace felt almost impossible at times, and even going down hill was a pedal grinding affair.
We wanted to turn around and head back to the safety and ease of our campsite, and to the sunny weather of the days we'd left behind, but we knew we couldn't, and that the only way ahead was forward.

Sitting at a roadside cafe, where I'm writing this from at the moment, we saw Ned and Charlotte drag themselves in, huddled over and freezing, and looking almost as exhausted as us. 

'Wow, crazy out there isn't it!,' we all seemed to mutter at the same time. 

Just now, I can hear the wind screaming, it seems even louder than before, and while I'm musing silently about my ability to ride any further someone yells out at us: 

'He yall, campsite 8 miles down the road is closed, yall' better hurry n get on outta here before the rain comes, it's gonna pour down tanight. Next campsites 30 miles ya hear!' 

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