Montenegro in a day - Sam and Shanna's world adventures

Distance- 85km

We left our strange campsite early in the morning, the nudists and their accomplices were already up and about.

Both a little tired from having to blow one of the sleeping mattresses up around six times during the night, we struggled to push our bikes through the trees and up over the rocky path, finally getting to the road after helping each other over the steepest section. 

Stopped at a small mini-market to buy breakfast- nectarines, plain and flavored yoghurt and milk for the cereal we'd been carrying.

Back on the road, pouring with sweat, temp today ends up touching 35 degrees. The coast road is steep and winding, but amazingly beautiful. At one point we pause at the top of a hill to catch our breath, sweat dripping into our eyes, and look across to see an archaic little town built upon a small islet. It looks old, thousands of years old, and we wonder who lives there, have they lived there for centuries, lucky them... 

In the evening we're nearing the border to Croatia (25kms) and decide to look for somewhere to camp. We stumble upon a small and isolated road closely following the bay around, and stop to marvel at its beauty. Leaving our bikes against an ancient stone wall we jump into the ocean, its cold, refreshing, and after cycling amongst the cars, the trucks, and through the heat for most of the day, extraordinarily soothing. 

Swimming out, around a yacht, looking up, seeing the water splash gently against its bow, I can feel the sways of the tide, the pressure of the water swelling about me, and the sweat being washed away by the clear coolness. And just now, at the moment you're reading this, thunder erupts, lightning flashes across the sky, and I can see a storm pushing in, over the mountains that look as though they are rising from the depths of the ocean beneath. 

Sometimes its moments like this that make it all worth it.

We sit in a small restaurant, the storm ceases, the water so close is almost beneath our feet... and watch the world cup.

Shanna decides to look for somewhere to sleep, to check if there is anywhere cheap, although we don't think there will be, and plan on camping somewhere- but she finds the most beautiful place we've stayed yet... for only 25 Euro per night. 

And a wonderful Montenegren lady makes us feel like family. 'Do you love our place' her face seems to wonder, to implore us, a simple kind honest face... knowing we will. 

'We love it,' it says to us.  

Sitting back on the balcony and looking at the water we wonder to each other, 'how come nobody knows...'
8/3/2010 12:27:32

To see these sights, to view these postcard views and then to think that this earth is only in a Telestial state... the mind and heart is blown by the thought.What a stunning place, what a wonderful experience! I wish I had the guts to do what you guys are doing! ou guys are awesome!


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