Distance: 104km
Weather: Hot and bothered

Our riding on this day followed the pattern we have established - ride as far as we can before it gets too hot, stop for some food and internet during the hottest part of the day, and then ride again for a couple of hours before it gets dark.

We were lucky on this day that the rain didn't fall until we'd already found ourselves a comfortable, cheap hotel with much more space than we were used to. We got the last room in the place and while we were filling out the papers two more groups arrived looking for rooms. School holidays were starting that night.

As I quickly flicked the pages of a largely uninteresting Malaysian newspaper (in English), I stumbled upon a news item which I was eager to read. It was about the debate over whether Malaysian pounds should be allowed to sell unwanted dogs and cats to people who want to eat them.

The article went on to say that while many in Malaysia don't like the idea of eating them, many countries do eat dog - like China, Vietnam and the Koreas. And some countries eat cats. Like Australia.

Did I read that right?

I reread the paragraph but it was definitely what the article said. In Australia we eat cats.

I was amused but also surprised that someone could print this article with what was glaringly (to me) a lie.

But then I remembered that we live in a diverse multicultural society, one that includes immigrants from all over Asia, and all over the world. So, could it actually be true that in Australia we do eat cats and/or dogs? Has anyone ever heard of this thing happening in Australia, or even been a part of it? Send in your answers and let us know!

was waiting for this one


I'm putting my vote down for "not a cat eater", although l do like fish.... I am also very happy Lily is a house bound cat, so she shouldn't be at risk of being a roast Sunday dinner anytime soon. What a weird article! Love the blog and Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!


no cat eatting from me, but lots of cat hugging =D


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