Distance: 64km

It rained through the night and until 10am in the morning, so it took us a while to dry everything and get going. Hmmm, I see a pattern emerging...

Back on the wet and windy road, I admit it is better than 40 plus degrees, we cycle through some beautiful towns, in fact they all look so picturesque that Shanna keeps wondering that they must have all been a feature of the Tour de France. 

First Levier, then Villeneuve d'Amont, next was Cernans when following this we toured Salins Les-Bains, a place you should definitely see before you die, after which we routed Mouchard (its food stores at least), followed by Villers-Farlay where we tasted some exquisite fromage de chevre. 

It was raining at this point, we had lunch, bought from the Super Marche and cooked in our pot, curry with rice along with a still warm fresh and crusty bread stick. Next was Ounans, followed by Mont Vaudrey. Stomachs feeling sad and sorry we ran off into the woods, where we saw a deer, who looked at us, cautiously, and then suddenly ran off, startled cries ringing through the trees to alert his brothers of the crazy Aussies soiling the forest. 

The deer spurred us onwards to Le Deschaux, where we found a fantastic camp spot by a river.  In desperate need of a wash it wasn't long before we were frollicking naked in the cold water... Ah, I meant bathing discreetly in our cycling clothes to wash the sweat... no mosquitoes all evening (priceless!!), we fell asleep quickly in the tent and didn't wake up for almost 11 hours.     

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