Difficulty- Sam 1, Shanna 1
Distance- 2km
Weather- Lots of rain, a little bit of sun, mostly overcast and cloudy...

Today we found a caravan park, an expensive one because unfortunately all of the 3 caravan parks in Brunswick Heads are owned the same person. $30 for the night for an unpowered sight was the most we have payed so far.

It was raining on and off fairly hard so we set the tarp up between some trees and tried to fit the tent under (photos for this, and the next couple of days will come soon). 

The caravan park was huge and amazingly, considering school holidays were well and truly over, almost completely full. Granted the area is a beautiful one, but we are still amazed to see so many people here, in particular so many people in tents...

In the evening we walked along the boardwalk across the river to the beach, which we followed to the break wall were the river meets the sea. There was a few people out swimming, others had thrown their lines from the break wall, and as the sun set we watched the small fishing birds (we didn't know what they were called) duck and weave and dive into the water with amazing grace and skill. We were unable to figure out just how they were seeing the prey they were diving for or even how it was that they could dive and re-emerge so quickly and effortlessly from the water with the tiny fish they must have been eating. 

At around 9 pm we fell asleep in our tent to the sound of a light pitter pattering rain and were glad that such a large caravan park was so quiet. An hour later we were violently awoken to the screams and shouts of teenage girls and boys, and the drunken flirtations of our nearest neighbors. 
2/9/2010 04:43:41 pm

this is crazyness


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