Distance: 83km

Shanna got spooked in the night, thought maybe there was a ghost under the house in the cellar we were sleeping next to. I agreed, then she was angry...!

Lost an important part from one of our bags in the long grass somewhere... 

Luckily we found it... phew!!!

Hungry now, starving actually.

Breakfast: Yesterdays salami, cheese, tomato and bread. Ayran Turkish buttermilk, Limonata Lemon drink, dried cranberries and apricots.

Back riding on the main highway after throwing our bikes over the fence. 

Itchy form the grass.

There is a cycling event on here by the water, looks like professional Turkish cycling teams. First time we have seen proper bicycles (enthusiasts) in Turkey! 

The beach looked beautiful, and we were sweaty, so we put our bikes in the bushes and ran across the sand into the cool water. Ayah.

Got lost form each other for a little while again in the last busy town before we turn off the main road. No worries.

Very bumpy road, feels like I need suspension on my bike, the family jewels get whacked on my seat!!

Very hard to find somewhere to camp. 

Eventually we found a cemetery high on a hill. You could see the water, and hear a party going on far into the distance.

We said goodnight to Mustafa, who slept underground whilst we slept above.


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