Distance: About 13km of walking, 1100m of elevation gained... and lost!

It was nice to sleep in, not have to worry about moving on... And when we arose the table outside the main home was laid ready for breakfast - yoghurt, cereal, fresh bread, jams and hot chocolate... We ate until we were full, preparing our bodies for hiking in the mountains.

We bought some picnic supplies - more bread, cheese, meat and chocolate - and drove up higher into the mountains. 

The walk was sometimes difficult, particularly since we still hadn't had a rest day for six days, but the beauty around us made it worth it! We even hiked through steep sections of snow in some places, which is a strange sensation when the sun is beating down on you and you're sweating hard. 

The view at the top was amazing. We were at an elevation of 2810m, our second highest after our climb of Mt Agung, Bali.

The walk down was more difficult, our legs now tired and aching from the exertion of weeks of difficult riding. I remembered the pain in the days after Mt Agung and hoped this time wouldn't be as bad...

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