Distance- 68km

On our way out of Santa Cruz we stopped and bought some food. Sitting outside the store a man started talking to us. He asked us if we were from Lithuania, when we replied that we were from Australia he laughed and started telling us that he was from there (Lithuania), and anyway, we looked Lithuanian.

'I didn't realise that' laughed Shanna.

After a few minutes listening to him talk he began complaining about the Po'lice. Apparently they had hassled him that morning at McDonalds because he'd been complaining about the 'Illegal aliens' that had taken his job.

'Illegal aliens?'

'Hell yeah, fifteen million illegal aliens in this damn state.'
'Taken everyone's job's, taken my job, putting this country in recession, taken away all my jobs, killing the economy, illegal aliens I tell ya, illegal, everyone last one of em Mexicans in this country, illegal yah hear me, ILLEGAL,' he screamed, 'ILLEGAL!!!!!!' 

We started walking away. 

'Didn't he say he was from Lithuania?' I asked Shanna.
Mary Lou Williams
10/27/2010 02:46:21 pm

Welcome to Santa Cruz- a very fun town, but the crazies all seem to congregate on the Main St. I've run into several! ML

10/27/2010 03:24:20 pm

Hey Mary Lou! Yeah we see what ya mean. it was a fun (and interesting) morning!


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