Distance: 101km (+12)

Just as we were about to leave the town we saw a wily old man, greasy beard hiding a crafty smile, on a face that looked weathered by centuries of strong winds. Motioning at us to pull over we slammed on the brakes, wheels screeching in the rain.

'Where y'all headed?'
'Not sure, we hear the campsite ahead is closed'
'Who told ya that?'
'Everyone in the town'
Well I got news for y'all, its open to bikers, so y'all head on down, it's only another seven miles or so.'

Seven or so miles through the blustering wind and sure enough, old mate was right. If he hadn't of told us, we never would have known, the place had signs and barricades everywhere indicating it was completely shut up.

The following day the wind started early, howling through the pass where we were camped between two mountains. But, as we would discover later, it was nothing compared to the mountains we'd have to ride up... All day...

By the end of the day I was, for the first time in months, close to not being able to go any further, so when we found an RV car park in the bay just on the other side of town I wasn't thinking, and started to set up the tent... 

But soon the chatter and laughter from the group of retired, botoxed millionaires in their RVs the size of super-sized busses reminded us that we'd get no sleep in a place like this, and when the manager told us we'd have to move the tent to a place next to a car park filled with what looked like aspiring gangsters sitting on the front of their pick up trucks drinking beer, we decided to leave.

Despite the elderly peoples friendly protests for us to stay and join their campfire and listen to their travel stories, we packed up in the late twilight and rode back into the cold wind to find somewhere to free camp.

It was so dark now that we almost missed the state park amongst the beachside mansions. Down a gravel path, through some trees; and we found a perfect patch of grass behind some bushes. Relieved, and looking forward to a peaceful night I, (unlike Shanny) exhausted and still covered in layers of sweat and dirt, easily fell asleep to the sound of waves pounding against the cliffs beneath.

10/9/2010 06:29:35 pm

Shanny Camilla ran a marathon today, and there was a vic roads runner who looked like he was at least 70. Amazing! I was thinking that that could be you in 45 years! :) Hope the wind and the rain clears up! Love you.

10/10/2010 07:26:34 pm

Love the camping spot - beautiful!! Wish l was there, minus the wind...
I am doing ride to work day, your wonderful blog has inspired me. I am heading into Fed square first and then the battle to Sunshine along Ballarat Rd begins. I doubt l will see any nice like you two.. Go Pedal Power!

Peter N
10/13/2010 08:09:07 am

I love how the 'retired, botoxed millionaires in their RVs' wanted to tell YOU about their travel stories! I bet they never left the US or maybe ventured to Mexico. If only they had wanted to listen to you then they would have discovered there is a whole world out there.


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