HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS AND FOES! - Sam and Shanna's world adventures
Well I just wrote a wonderful post about the joyousness of easter in Thailand, but sadly the website deleted it before I was able to publish it, so you'll just have to settle with some trop about what we've been up to the last couple days.

I had my teeth jabbed at by a dentist wearing a red coat and wielding a deathly looking sickle, just picture the grim reaper and your half way there... Oh the pain...

We bought a meal for a three legged dog we found looking emaciated but sitting silently in the evening shadows amidst the ruins of a former Kingdom. The scene was eerily reminiscent of something grand and sad... I just cant remember exactly what.

We fed two little elephants, and then one of them grabbed a hold of my bicycle chain to see if it was edible. They enjoyed a good pat and a spray with the hose. And then we gave a bucket of capsicums to some big hungry elephants. 

We cycled all around the city and saw some amazing archaic temples and ruins, the most incredible of which were featured in the film Mortal Combat.  

Learnt that before the Burmese sacked and burned the city in the eighteenth century it was one of if not the most beautiful cities in the world (by the look of what is left we'd have to agree- definitely worth a geezer!)

Found out archaeological digs which uncovered untold amounts of gold, about more Government corruption and the thievery of aforementioned ancient artifacts.    

And most recently, went to church and saw how the Thai's celebrate Easter!

That's all for now, hope you had a safe and joyous Easter weekend and didn't get caught speeding on the roads!
4/3/2010 23:36:06

We hope you both had a Happy Easter, Boston ate Coles mat instead of an easter egg! He did impress us with a 5k run in record time. All well here, we had family dinner at Craig and Laurens. Thinking of you, Keep safe. Love you bothxxxxx

4/4/2010 12:07:57

Amazing sites, cheeky animals and weird people sounds like a fun couple of days.

Happy Easter!

Anne Clough
4/4/2010 15:39:56

Happy Easter.
Glad you had a wonderful time and sorry that journal entry was lost.
Did you manage to find any chocolate eggs?

Gary Mac
4/4/2010 20:11:03

Sounds like you have had an actioned packed easter. I will be in the same area doing the sights in a few weeks after completing the 100km walk with the MSE team.

Take care as you continue your trip. I look forward to reading the updates.

Gary Mac


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