Distance: 77km

It was meant to be an easy ride to Ensenada. 85km along the coast. But we both unexpectedly experienced sore muscles. We stopped to stretch on more than one occasion. 

As we left Rosarita we came to our first military road block, where they were checking cars and trucks. But no one paid any attention to us so we just rode on through.

Approaching a toll booth a man with a gun, a big gun, sprinted towards us. He motioned for us to move to the side, onto the path running around the outside of the toll booths - he even put down the gun to help me lift my bike up, and then smiled and motioned for us to continue.

We rode through two other military checkpoints and one more toll booth and these experiences were repeated. No one seemed to bother about a couple of cyclists.

We stopped on the outskirts of Ensenada, where we found a decent hotel for $25 with ocean views and internet. 

Since we were still 8km outside of town, our eating options were limited, but there was a pizza place across the road. And every day they had two for the price of one.

We were skeptical about the quality of pizza in mexico, and we had good reason to be. When we opened the box we found that the crust was sprinkled with sesame seeds... and the hawaiian pizza came adorned with glazed cherries.

11/13/2010 08:29:00 am

maybe u guys havent heard, australia has glazed cherries on all of our pizzas nowdays hahahaha. its like dinner and dessert rolled into one!
u get this incredible 'cringe' feeling all over with the overpowering sweetness.

Kim Evans
11/13/2010 02:19:18 pm

I can cope with the sesame seeds but forget the glazed cherries !!
Be careful you guys, how about riding around NZ, it would be safer.
I've seen too many movies where bad things happen in Mexico, hope it is only hollywood hype. Keep extra, extra safe XXXX


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