Distance: 30km

Last night we had dinner with Jessie and Susie, it was vegetarian, but you'd never have known. Spag bol with a vetetable/soy substiitute for mince, funny thing though, it tasted and looked exactly like mince, even more so than some of the real mince we've been subjected to since we left Australia.

Anyway, it was a good night, thanks for that one guys!

The next morning we got up late, and stumbled downstairs for breakfast. Three hours later we finally left Jess and Susie's massive house in Tynemouth, said goodbye to the Rangie, and sadly parted from our fully awesome new friends.

It felt great to be on the road again, clean freshly washed clothes and bikes we headed off in anticipation, expecting to find a beautiful English countryside full castles and ancient buildings.

With dusk arriving we found a good looking (and free) campsite, so hoping for a good sleep and an early night we eagerly began setting up the tent. 

But, early in the morning disaster struck, we'd been ambushed...   
8/22/2010 11:29:23 pm

Hey you cannot finish like that, what do you mean ambushed ?

Andy M
8/24/2010 07:46:45 pm

Love the adventures of the Black diamond! I can't believe people came and woke you up! Enjoy the sunlight in England. I love the pictures of the cowes!

8/25/2010 12:21:15 am

Hey it was AWESOME meeting you guys and hanging out for 24. Best wishes on your travels north, south, and mostly east! Looking forward to following the adventure and seeing you down the trail somewhere. Cheers!


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