Today we chilled out and had a rest.

When we got up we walked around the place we were staying in and bizarrely, were almost sprung upon by a wild bear! The bear was in an enclosure of sorts, but the walls were so low (and as you will see in the photos) the bear was able to climb up on a pole and stand up on the top where it looked as though it could simply jump out. Anyway, we felt sorry for the poor guy (even though he scared the crap out of us) and we noticed he had a cut in his gums and that he seemed like he was desperate to get out of there, pacing up and down the wall continuously.

After we found the bear we stumbled upon some other interesting creatures in makeshift cages, deer with chickens keeping them company and amazing looking (and huge) birds, that also managed to scare the crap out of me when they flew right into the wire.

We cycled back down to the shops we had passed the day before, got a fantastic but painful thai massage and some food from the KFC with no chicken, and then I did a workout in the gym room, sweating profusely whilst being bitten by hungry mosquitoes while Shanna read a book we both highly recommend called The White Tiger.

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