We landed in Beantown at late in the afternoon, the famous home of the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots! 

(NB- I strongly recommend never flying Aer Lingus, crazy bloody Irish).

After waiting for a long time we were beginning to wonder if our bikes would ever show up, and starting to worry that we might miss Jenny, when the steel roller door made another slow and arduous journey up, revealing our trusty steeds safely stowed away in their big brown boxes. Phew!

Five minutes later and we were standing outside the airport, looking for a gold colored Toyota when we heard someone yell out to us from a pick up truck (or a ute if you're from Australia). Suddenly we realised it was Jenny, and our eyes lit up! 

Smiling and happy with relief that we were now in Boston, and had found such an awesome girl that'd driven out to pick us up, we said g'day to the first person to collect us from an airport for our entire trip. 

Jen got out, and helped us put our boxes and bags in the back of the truck, and we zoomed off in a cloud of phat American smoke!  
Half an hour later, after driving through the city of Boston we arrived in Jamaica Plain, a pretty suburban neighborhood only minutes from Boston's inner sanctum. 

Here we met Mari, the second coolest person in the States, and possibly the first best Guitar Hero jammer in the country!
9/20/2010 06:56:54

I am so jealous.... Boston sounds so fantastic.


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