We were all a little tired and needed a quieter day, so we headed down the mountain to Sion where we put our bikes in for a service, checked out the markets, visited an old castle on the hill and looked down over the beautiful city. The sun was scorching - temperatures were still in the high 30s, which apparently only happens for two weeks of the year in Switzerland. 

But it wasn't all site-seeing, Francois still had something special planned for the afternoon. The way it had been described I thought we were going rock climbing. We each had a harness and I knew we were going up a rock face. But it was better than rock climbing. Into the rock face metal ladder-like rungs had been secured with a thick wire rope running alongside, which we clipped our harnesses to. And we climbed up. Sometimes we had to walk across a wire rope bridge, other times the rock face we were climbing protruded, overhanging over the one below, which made it more difficult, and often it was hard to reach the next rung. But Sam and I both loved it!

At the top it was short walk to a swimming pool where we happily cooled down and looked over the mountains around us...
7/21/2010 06:55:49 pm

Hey the photos are fabulous and the country breathtaking I knew I would love Switzerland. Great for you to meet up with your friends and be so well looked after. Enjoy!!! I think I am the same color as the meadows - green with envy !!

Gary Mac
7/22/2010 09:02:13 pm

Congratulations on reaching the Alps (a complete constrast to the flat bike paths along the Dandenong Creek and those Alps are a tad bigger than Mt Little Joe)

Also great shots of the rock climbing with the valley in the background.

Again well done and enjoy the break in the Alps.

I look forward to the next updates.


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