At the base of the mountains - Sam and Shanna's world adventures
Distance: 63km

I didn't want to ride. I wanted to stop and rest. I dreamt of sitting by a beach all day and sleeping in the shade. But we weren't in a good spot. The water wasn't clean enough. We needed to ride to the nearest coastal spot. And I could tell from the squiggles on the map there were more mountains.

I felt sick. I felt tired. I sooked a lot. But we rode. 

Most of the time it wasn't too bad. Relatively flat, roads in good condition, a cool breeze to temper the heat, and we even managed a tailwind for some of the time (although this backfired when we missed our turn-off and had to ride back almost 10km).

With 10km to go to Astokos - our coastal destination - the road wound up the mountain. It looked hard, but once we got into our low gears and found our rhythm it was manageable. It reminded me of Mt Dandenong and I found myself enjoying the ride. Especially when it was time to come down! 

The town was so picturesque, sitting at the bottom of the mountains alongside the water. When we stopped to buy drinks the shopkeeper said it was 40 degrees that day! We knew it had been hot - we had been reminded of the sting of sweat in the eyes and it had been dripping off us all day - but the coolbreeze had made it tolerable.

We swam in warm, clear water again - it felt so good! The water was almost too warm. There were rocks of all shapes and colours and we spent almost an hour pointing out different rocks, finding perfect ones to skim across the calm surface. 
6/19/2010 09:10:10

So im finally caught up with where you are and that you guys seem to be feeling a bit better now which is good news although my thoughts are you with one of you who mentioned finding a nice costal spot and staying a day or two to rest that definetly deserved. The stories of Galipoli, troy and ephesus(or somthing like that) have been great to read. It is a really cool thing to know that the ruins you have visited were once populated but like 3000 years ago how amazing! Thanks for the great tour of Turkey and Greece so far! oh I forgot to say im jealous of the ocean you are swimming in almost everyday it's beautiful!

Take care

Andy M
6/19/2010 14:17:37

Love the pic's. I wish l was at a lovely beach camping with you both. Melbourne is getting cold! You must be seeing some beautiful sites over there.
Pedal through the burn of the head winds and hills!!


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