Distance: 82km

Today we were shot at many times. So many I lost count. Not only that but we were held by several women and soaked from head to toe with a hose, fully clothed and fully shoed. 

Around 11am, cycling towards Pak Chong and yet another hill appeared. This one was bigger and steeper than the rest, or maybe we were just hotter, sweatier and a little more exhausted.

Pushing the pedals as hard as I could and for a second I thought I would have to stop before the top, when all of a sudden I took a shot to the back of the head from a young kid followed by hysterical laughing and I just knew that I had to keep going. That and the water helped cool down my hot head.

Finally the crest of the hill arrives, my lungs are gasping for air, my legs are crying in pain and I haven't felt this good in ages. I stop for a moment to watch Shanny coming behind me when I'm set upon by three Thai women with a hose. The first holds my handle bars, the second turns a big hose upon me and the third watches the scene, a little amazed at the spectacle of a foreigner on a bicycle yet laughing at my willingness to get a thorough soaking. 

A minute later and Shanny approaches. By this time I had moved off to the side of the ride and motioned to the girls to get her when she got to the top. A few giggles and squeals later and we are both soaking wet, our shoes squelching, two drowned rats, our helmet hairdo's destroyed. We set off again wet and cool in the hot Summer sun, laughing and smiling. 

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