Saturday 23 January
Difficulty- Sam 7, Shanna 7
Distance- 70km
Weather- 38C, hot and sunny

We reluctantly dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:30am, still tired but knowing we needed to get on the road as early as possible. 

Sam's throat and mouth were still painfully throbbing (since leaving Newcastle) and our legs felt as though they'd still been pedaling while we slept, but we found the cleaner and he kindly unlocked the garage our bikes were being kept in overnight. 

We walked our bikes back through the hallowed halls of the Kew pub and, glancing fondly, and with a little sadness for the town the road had now bypassed, set off for Kempsey.

Seventy kilometres, a few challenging hills, some scary no shoulder single lanes, around fifty k's of glued together gravel roads and an ill-fated attempt to use wi-fi at the Port Maquarie rest stop McDonalds (they didn't have it), and we pushed ourselves into the Kempsey 'aint what she used to be' Caravan Park. We set up our tent under a couple of nice trees, sat back and cracked open a couple of nice cool bitters (lemon and lime that is) while we wondered what had happened to the old, decaying Kempsey caravan park. 
Andy M

I love the reading the blog, you are both Champions! Can't wait to hear about what happened to the decaying Caravan Park...


Hey guys, gee it sounds like it's been tough!!!! The weather has cooled down a tad here so hopefully it has where you are too! It's great reading your stories. That guy who stripped down and did the chant was a bit odd!! Poor guy. Thinking of you guysxx


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