We enjoyed our rest day in Astakos, even splurging on a hotel room so we could wash clothes, stay cool in the air con and get a good night sleep!

We walked the streets of the beautiful town, swam, ate delicious food, and made friends with a Greek lady and her mother (see photos). It was interesting trying to talk to our new friend - she spoke a little English (and we spoke no Greek) so a few things got lost in translation... Sam tried to tell her that his sister was married to a Greek man and they were expecting a baby, but when she repeated details back to us it sounded like she thought Sam went to school in Athenia and had two Greek children... and when we tried to tell her that her beautiful home on the coast would be worth more than a million euros in Australia, she told us we would stay with her next year when we came back to work...  It was a great experience and they were two of the nicest people we have met.

We loved Astakos - it is one of the nicest towns we've seen and we would happily go back.
Peter N
6/19/2010 09:17:28 am

Looks like you found yourself a yiayia.
Getting a little creative with the photos? :)


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