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If I had to sum up Tough Mudder in one word, it would be fun!

But it wasn't really tough.

We quickly made it through registration and a wave was about to start. Even though it wasn't our start time, we jumped at the back of the group. We jumped around, got a photo, and screamed with everyone as the group started.

At the first lot of Berlin Walls we were able to help each other over them and we were pumped! The ice-water was next though... it was horrible! I felt like I'd be trapped under the ice and never be able to reach the surface again. I was glad when that was over!

We half ran, half walked between the obstacles. Some of my favourites were crawling through the mud under a wire, going down the big slip and slide, floating down the river on a log, climbing over the hay bales... 

As a group of four girls, we managed to rope some random guys into helping us over the rest of the walls, but we skipped the quarter pipe at the end.

The question I keep being asked - did I get electrocuted?? No. I was going to run through the wires at the end, but one of the girls in the group left before me and got a shock. She flew to the ground and then proceeded to crawl along. I dropped down and commando crawled over hay bales and through the hosing until I got the end. What a great feeling!
For the past week I've been tossing up the idea of doing Tough Mudder... I go back and forth between being excited and realising I'm crazy - it's just too hard! And I haven't been training!

Today I have committed. I have 4.5 weeks to get ready. I've booked ten personal training sessions to focus on strength. I've joined a running club at work. And I'm going to quit chocolate for the next month.